About Syl Carle:

Syl Carle was born in 1968 Montreal, to parents of modest means. Syl learned from his parents and extended family the importance of hard work and honesty from a young age.  At 17, Syl was working a full time job and living on his own. By the time he turned 19, he was self-employed in the transport industry with his own rig.

The urge to serve his fellow Canadians prompted Syl to join the RCMP in 1990 as a fluently bilingual member of the force. After graduating from the grueling cadet training in Regina, he was initially posted to the Sudbury detachment where he performed general federal policing duties. In 1993, he was transferred to Toronto where a wide variety of duties provided him with a unique opportunity to grow skills he is still currently using. In 2009, that unforgotten entrepreneurial spirit inspired Syl to leave the RCMP to start his own successful real estate development and leasing company which he runs to this day.  Syl met his spouse Lara in 1999. Together they cherish family life with their six very active children. As Lara is a self-employed Chef, you can be assured that their kitchen is delightfully busy with tasty activity.

Syl has been active in Canadian politics since 2007. In 2018, Syl joined the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) as a founding member, and was elected to serve as President of the Wellington-Halton Hills EDA.   Syl strongly believes in each of the core values of the PPC; namely, personal responsibility, individual freedom, respect and fairness. He subscribes to the idea that capitalism has helped to raise more people from abject poverty than any other economic system ever created. It is clear to him that important individual freedoms today are in jeopardy and must be defended. Syl will remind our government that it is an employee of the People and not our owner.

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